About the Louisa Community Emergency Fund (LCEF)

Our History

Louisa Community Emergency FundIt started several years ago with some of our board members attending the Louisa County Interagency Council (LCIC) meetings. Their mission is to foster partnerships, share information and resources, and collaborate to promote and develop community centered services. Membership meets monthly to share information and to work to solve community gaps.

LCIC recognized the value of faith-based organizations in 2013, and the Faith in ACTION subcommittee was formed. The mission of Faith in ACTION is to identify ways to improve communications between Louisa County agencies and residents through churches and to provide ways for churches to share information and maximize resources. This committee organizes 2 Gatherings each year to bring faith-based groups together with service providers and non-profits to share information.

At a 2014 Gathering, a need was identified to provide emergency assistance for certain basic living expenses (primarily rent/mortgage payments) for folks in crisis. The Faith in ACTION Committee researched many Christian emergency fund models in other communities. After discussions with local partners, Goshen Baptist Association, Louisa Resource Council, Louisa Dept. of Human Services (DHS) and MACAA, the committee determined the need to form a NEW non-profit organization to handle this emergency fund.

LCEF was officially recognized as a non-stock corporation in Virginia as of May 12, 2015. In June 2015, the IRS recognized LCEF as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corp.

Through the Hard Times, We’re Here to Help


Since we began accepting requests for assistance in November 2015, we have helped over 600 local families in crisis. Through local community support with donations and grants, we have provided over $200,000 in financial support. Many of our neighbors are still struggling to recover from pandemic and other economic issues. LCEF wants to help those who are in a crisis find ways to improve their lives.

One of our clients told us, “Just wanna say thank you for everything you have done! May God bless you!”

LCEF Board Members Pictured Below:

LCEF Board Members


Our Mission is to assist Louisa County residents with the basic needs of daily living during a crisis situation.